Guaranteed Catch
Fun for the whole family
No Experience necessary
Kids Always welcome!

Family Fun

Although there are numerous options for the serious angler, family fun trips have become Captain Mark’s favorite trips to run.  They entail relaxed fishing for the whole family regardless of age or skill level, and are designed to catch maximum numbers, not size (although many larger fish are caught as well).

From young children to 86 year olds who have never picked up a fishing rod, Captain Mark can guarantee that everyone will catch fish.  These trips are not all about the fishing, as the scenery and wildlife observed on trips is breathtaking.  If desired, Captain Mark’s background in environmental conservation can make the trip an eco-tour as well as a fishing trip.

His patience with young and new anglers is key and he is referred to as “Cap’n Yeti” by his young nephew.  Captain Mark loves to see the excitement on the faces of kids and adults while catching fish, watching dolphins and manatee, and enjoying the wonders of the beautiful Indian River Lagoon!
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