Captain Mark

Captain Mark Yanno brings over 50 years of fishing experience to every trip.  Most importantly, he is a FULL TIME professional captain and has been guiding anglers on the Treasure Coast since 1995. Captain Mark has been actively and successfully fishing Florida’s Indian River Lagoon even longer, since 1988.  He even worked in a tackle shop for a while. 

Although spinning rods are primarily used on trips, Captain Mark was the past treasurer of the Indian River Fly Fishing Club.  He has been an avid fly fisher since 1985, and even acquired two woman’s fly rod world records for two clients in one day (one record remains unbroken).

Before starting his charter fishing business in 1995, Captain Mark acquired a degree in Biology and worked for years in aquaculture and environmental conservation for the State of Florida Bureau of Aquatic Preserves and then the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the ecosystems in the Indian River Lagoon and Atlantic Ocean.  Since Captain Mark is an educated and experienced field biologist, he enjoys answering all the questions people have about the ecology of the area.

If desired, Captain Mark’s background in environmental conservation can make the trip an eco-tour as well as a fishing trip.  His patience with young and new anglers is key and he is referred to as “Cap’n Yeti” by his young nephew.  Captain Mark loves to see the excitement on the faces of kids and adults while catching fish, watching dolphins and manatee, and enjoying the wonders of the beautiful Indian River Lagoon!

 What sets Captain Mark Yanno apart from other guides:                                  
  • Lifelong avid fisherman with three decades guiding in the area and offering trips at inlets and along the beach in addition to the Lagoon
  • Degree in Biology with experience and understanding of the local ecology
  • Boat and equipment of exceptional quality; baitfish included when used
  • Determined to provide the best quality experience regardless of client’s age or skill level
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about fishing, as well as the ecosystem
  • Knowledgeable and willing to share it with less experienced anglers
  • Patient, with clients and when locating “the bite” on challenging days
  • Versatile and flexible to changing conditions and seasons
  • Friendly (it’s about FUN!) and personable
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